Replace russian software with Ukrainian solutions

By paying for Russian software products, you sponsor Russian aggression toward Ukraine. Every missile that destroys the Ukrainians’ homes and takes away thousands of civilians' lives is purchased for the taxes from the profit of Russian companies, including software developers.

Stop powering the economy of Russia and support Ukraine’s economy instead

IT industry is one of the fundamentals of the Ukrainian economy now. There are a lot of projects started as ambitious startups in Ukraine, and today they are known worldwide. You can join thousands of companies around the world that have been already using Ukrainian software to grow their business.

List of Russian SaaS and Ukrainian alternatives

A group of Ukrainian volunteers and experts from Ukraine-based Netpeak Agency made a list of popular Russian software and matched them with 100% Ukrainian alternatives. Selected Russian services in the list continue active operations in Russia – receive payment from Russian clients, pay for offices and salaries and pay taxes. Meanwhile, the alternatives are easy to switch to.
The list is checked and verified for use. See the full list →

Stop using bloody services and switch to Ukrainian software

Despite the Russian invasion, Ukrainians continue to work providing quality software to customers worldwide.

Stop paying for Russian services subscription – stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

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#ReplaceRUwithUA Stop using bloody services and switch to Ukrainian software. Here is the list: https://replace-ru-with-ua.com
#ReplaceRUwithUA List of Russian SaaS and Ukrainian alternatives. Check it NOW: https://replace-ru-with-ua.com
#ReplaceRUwithUA A group of volunteers made a list of Russian software and Ukrainian alternatives. Stop supporting invaders. Stand with Ukraine: https://replace-ru-with-ua.com